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Want to treat your friends; including your vegan friends? Our Synergy Snack Box is the best of both worlds! When purchasing Synergy, the recipient of this amazing box will receive 2 THC Infused Beverages for their enjoyment; free of charge. These THC Infused Drinks are made by Houseplant and are a Sativa Dominant. Houseplant Lemon is a refreshing cannabis-infused sparkling water with 2.5mg of THC. Houseplant Grapefruit THC Sparkling Water is a refreshing cannabis-infused sparkling water with 2.5 mg of THC. This naturally flavoured beverage is a perfect option for both solo or social occasions. Our Synergy Snack Box includes:

Gummy roses are a much tastier alternative to a bouquet of blooming red roses, gorgeous shades of red, filled with luscious fruit flavours of raspberry, strawberry, cherry and black currant. We have added an organic, plant-based French Onion dip that is packed with layers of delicious flavour with generously seasoned minced onion, grey sea salt and low-glycemic coconut sugar - and you can thank cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil for its creaminess. Don’t worry about anything artificial here! Go ahead! Put Good on Good™. We know that potatoes + black truffles = the best snack ever, which is why we added potato chips with black truffles! Made with only the finest potatoes and deluxe black truffles, these gluten-free potato chips are deliciously addictive. For the sweeter side, we have included 2 Purdy’s Vegan Chocolate, a Mylk Chocolate Bar and a Dark Trail Mix Chocolate bar that offers plant-based ingredients and sustainable cocoa, you'll never guess these treats are vegan as they are just purely amazing, delicious chocolate. A vegan chocolate lover’s dream come true. Vegan Mylk Chocolate is made with rice powder and has the perfect amount of cocoa notes for a deliciously smooth and creamy treat. A combination of creamy Vegan Mylk Chocolate and generous sprinkles of pumpkin seeds, almonds, raisins and dried cranberries.

Please note, decor items like wine glass and cheese board are not included. This item is valid for delivery within the province of Ontario only. Deliveries are completed by Canada Post; items may arrive before or after the selected date due to rural addresses or postal delays. Sometimes, packages may arrive early or a few days after the estimated date of arrival, depending on shipping delays.
REMEMBER: Cannabis Edibles and Drinkables are slower acting and longer lasting than dried cannabis. Always START LOW and GO SLOW when it comes to consuming cannabis.

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All items are delivered through Canada Post within the province of Ontario only.

  • Delivery can take up to 7 days from the time of purchase.
  • Delivery on weekends and holidays is not available for Food and Wine items.
  • Delivered items may vary due to brand availability.

Freshness Guarantee

Our refund policy and freshness guarantee is in place to maintain our assurance of quality.

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Flower Care Instructions

Floral Arrangements

In a vase, container or basket.

  • Keep vase, floral container or floral foam filled with a solution of clean, fresh water and flower food (provided by florist)
  • After 2-3 days, cut 2-3 cm on an angle from bottom of stems with a sharp knife as this may help your flowers to drink more water
  • Keep flowers in a cool location, away from ripening fruit, intense direct sunlight, and hot or cold air vents

Loose Bouquets of Flowers

Or Boxed Flowers

  • Place freshly cut stems in vase filled with flower food and water solution
  • Remove leaves that will be below the water line
  • After 2-3 days, re-cut 2-3 cm on an angle from bottom of stems with a sharp knife

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ: You have questions... we have answers.

What if no one is home?

A:  To ensure our standard of quality is maintained, the driver will usually bring the flowers back to our affiliates location for safe storage until they can reattempt delivery. In some situations, it may be left at the door or with a neighbour. In all cases, a door tag or phone message will be left to inform the recipient. If you have instructions and anticipate that the recipient may not be home, please let us know how you'd like us to handle it in the Additional Information field.

Can you deliver at a specific time?

A:  We cannot fully guarantee specific delivery times but always do our best to accommodate all delivery requests! Be sure to make your request in the Additional Information section when placing your order online.

We have an outstanding track record of delivering flowers on-time throughout Canada and across the world. Read more information about delivery.