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Sympathy Fruit & Gourmet Gift Baskets

Welcome to our Sympathy Fruit Baskets catalogue. Prices are in Canadian dollars include delivery to most Canadian cities and towns. Taxes are added at checkout. Most fruit baskets can be delivered next day if ordered by 2 pm EDT. More fruit and gourmet baskets are also online here.

Flowers and Fruit
Popular Fruit and Gourmet Basket
Fruit Basket
Gourmet Basket
Flowers & Fruit
Fruit Tray with Flowers
From $73 Free Delivery
Fruit, Tea & Cookies
Fresh Fruit Plus Gourmet
From $69 Free Delivery
Simply Fruit
Fresh Fruit in a Basket
From $52 Free Delivery
Fruit & Gourmet
Assorted Fruit with Gourmet Variety
From $125 Free Delivery
Fruit and Flower Basket
Fruit and Cheese Basket
Deluxe Fruit and Snack Basket
Fruit and Gourmet Basket
Fruit & Flower Basket
Pink Flowers & Fruit Sampling
From $69 Free Delivery
Fruit - Cheese Basket
Fresh Fruit with Cheeses
From $69 Free Delivery
Deluxe Fruit and Gourmet
Large Fruit & Gourmet Basket
From $135 Free Delivery
Assorted Fruit and Chocolates
From $105 Free Delivery
Fruit and Chocolate Basket
Large Sympathy Basket
Treats in a Basket
Fruit and Cheese Basket
Fruit & Chocolates
Boxes of Chocolate with Fruit
From $85 Free Delivery
Large Sympathy Basket
Snacks and Fruit for Sharing
From $140 Free Delivery
Fruit & Treats
Sweets, Treats & Fruit
From $89 Free Delivery
Handled Wicker Fruit & Gourmet
From $115 Free Delivery