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Christmas Plants & Poinsettias

Shop online from our Canada Flowers Christmas Plants catalogue, featuring beautiful poinsettias and potted plants for the 2016 Christmas holiday season. Prices are in Canadian dollars and include delivery. Featuring the finest red poinsettias, pink poinsettias, white poinsettias, Christmas plants and Christmas wreaths available online for delivery across Canada. Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays from all the staff at Canada Flowers.

Large Red Poinsettia
Christmas Planter Basket
Large White Poinsettia Plant
Large Planter Basket
Large Red Poinsettia
Always a Christmas Favourite
$49 Free Delivery
Holiday Planter Basket
Planter Basket with a Poinsettia
From $72 Free Delivery
Large White Poinsettia
Ample White Poinsettias
$49 Free Delivery
Planter with Poinsettia
Assorted Plants with Poinsettia
From $85 Free Delivery
Christmas Planter Basket with Poinsettia
Pink Poinsettia Plant
Planter Basket for Christmas
White Poinsettia Plant
Planter Basket with Poinsettia
Includes Small Poinsettia
From $69 Free Delivery
Pink Poinsettia
Pink Poinsettia Plant with Trim
$39 Free Delivery
Planter Basket
Living Plants, Festive Touches
From $57 Free Delivery
Winter White Poinsettia
White Poinsettia with Trim
$39 Free Delivery
Perfect Poinsettia Plant
Large Pink Poinsettias for Christmas
Double Red Poinsettia Plants
Cyclamen Plant for Christmas
Perfect Poinsettia Plant
Healthy Red Poinsettia Plant
$39 Free Delivery
Large Pink Poinsettia
Abundant Pink Poinsettias
$49 Free Delivery
Double Poinsettia Plants
Two Poinsettias - One Container
$55 Free Delivery
White Cyclamen Plant
Wintry White Cyclamen
From $40 Free Delivery
Red Cyclamen Plant for Christmas
Fresh Christmas Wreath with Pine Cones
Red Cyclamen Plant
Christmas Red Cyclamen
From $40 Free Delivery
Classic Christmas Wreath
Greens, Holly and Pinecones
From $49 Free Delivery